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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Coldwell Banker sued over Title Company Kickbacks

I saw this week that a federal complaint was filed against a Coldwell Banker company for allegedly steering sellers and buyers to the company's Burnet title affiliate without fully disclosing the relationship between the affiliate and the brokerage.

The consumers allege that the Coldwell Banker agent steered them to the company's title company but didn't tell them they could have saved hundreds of dollars had they gone elsewhere.

If you know much about our office you already know that we work to protect buyers from title company cons and improperly disclosed kickbacks. But most home buyers never really understand.

Here is a link to a couple other posts about title company concerns in this area:

  • Other posts on title company issues and kickbacks

  • Remember, in Livingston county if you sign a the standard REALTOR purchase contract form you've given the real estate companies permission to take kickbacks. Don't do it, it will cost you money!


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